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Our Policies

The Rules We Work By

Privacy Policy

htmlExpert honors your privacy and guarantees the confidentiality of your information, as well as the fact that it will not be shared with anyone uninvolved in the project development under any circumstances. You retain ownership of the finished project's copyrights. The finished product, your email address, artwork, order details, and all other information you provide will remain private, unless you wish otherwise.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Our services are completely confidential. We are in no way interested in stealing, selling or revealing the given information. We are more than ready to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with you for your convenience and safety. htmlExpert will not claim ownership over any of the design elements you provide or the final product, nor will we try to contact any of your affiliates or clients.


Payment on Total Satisfaction

You are not required to pay us in case you are not happy with the web development services we have done for you, as long as you provide reasons for your dissatisfaction. However, htmlExpert keeps the right to ask for an upfront payment for orders totalling more than $300.

Price Adjustments

Despite of the listed pricing and timelines, both could change depending on the complexity of the order. In case the price / timeframe of any service needs to be readjusted, we will contact you and give you two options for further procedure:

  • Complete your order with the proposed price / timeframe
  • Cancel your order


If you wish to cancel your order, you can do so without any charge before any work on the project has been commenced, otherwise you will be charged accordingly. In case an upfront payment has been made, the cancellation charge will be deducted from the upfront payment and the remainder will be transferred back to you.


Since we ask for an upfront payment only for orders totalling more than $300, a refund can be issued only when such payment has been made on a project, the client is not satisfied with the result and provide reasons for their dissatisfaction. No refund can be issued once the project has been delivered.