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What Clients Say About Us

With the finished projects come the satisfied clients. Here’s what they have to say about us.

I’m impressed with the team’s understanding of my demands and the quick realization of the project. They are true professionals and I’ll recommend them to anyone who needs quality and fair price.


Great professionalism! In the two years that I have worked with htmlExpert, they have always managed to find the best way to realize the ideas I’d given them and to make it on time, even on a tight schedule.

Valerie Smith

The created sites easily draw the attention with their simplicity and quality performance and help the users navigate through the most important parts of the site.

Min Ho Yang

Excellent! Quick and accurate coding, with attention to detail. Very professional people and responsive to all questions and requests. Accent on fast execution and the low price they offer. Very highly recommended.

Guillaume Moreau

Speed, quality, fair price and amazing client service. I am very content with their work. They respected my wishes, met all of my demands and occasionally gave out helpful advices, since I am new in the area of web design.

Ethan Harrison

Perfect! Even though they didn’t have much time to complete the project, they were accurate and professional about it and in the end it turned out just as I needed it to be.